LEC Fitness at Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex

Hello all you female athletes and supporters! I hope that you’ve all had a great Summer of sports and competition. The cooler Fall weather is upon us, and with it many of you may be moving your activities indoors. Whether you are or not, one thing is for certain, you need to continue to train so that you are prepared to perform at your best, and to help avoid injury.

Here is a link to a blog from my sister blog announcing my new arrangement to provide training services and programs at the Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex clinic: LEC Fitness at Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex

Training at this site provides another training option that is not crowded as traditional gyms can be, has no membership fees, and will allow you and I to focus on your specific goals and needs with little to no interference.

Interested in learning more or in making any appointment? Contact me directly. I hope to see you there!



Fitness, Health and Exericse Facts (from our Sister Blog): Overload

For those of you who may have missed this post from our sister blog (LEC Fitness) here’s our latest ‘Fitness, Health and Exercise Facts’ blog on the importance of Muscle Overload and how it can work to help you with your workouts. Enjoy!

Yours in Health and Fitness
Fitness, Health and Exercise Facts: Overload

New Logo

We are excited to let our readers, clients and fans know that we have a new logo! After reviewing several new designs, we have settled on this new logo for our company. We feel it expresses the strength, power and passion that we bring to ALL of our client interactions and training sessions – no matter what our clients’ fitness goals may be (e.g. corporate/employee wellness, sports conditioning, general fitness for everyday life. We hope that you like this new logo, and encourage you to look for it in our future company advertisements and informational pieces.

Your in Health and Fitness.

New Logo for LEC Fitness, LLC