Fitness, Health and Exercise Facts: Cardio Before Weights or Weights Before Cardio?

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Cardio Before Weights or Weights Before Cardio?
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I’m often asked “Should I perform my cardio exercise first or my weight training first?” As a matter of fact, I recently answered this question for the readers of an online publication. When asked, I usually give the same answer – “it depends.” Ok, so perhaps not exactly the definitive answer that people want to hear, but honestly, it’s the best one that I can give! Here’s why.

When trying to decide the order of exercise between these two, the answer really depends on your training goals, or can even be as simple as the type of challenge you’d like to give yourself on a given day. For instance, is your training goal focused on increasing your strength, improving your cardiovascular conditioning, or perhaps reducing body fat? Conventional exercise wisdom says that aerobic exercise (e.g. walking, running, biking or swimming) is perhaps the best way to reduce body fat and improve your cardiovascular condition. So, if that’s your focus, then performing your aerobic exercise while you are fresh (i.e. first) probably makes sense. Likewise, if developing strength is a primary goal, then, at least in most of your training sessions, performing your resistance training first makes sense. That way, you are not pre-fatiguing your body with your aerobic training, and can devote your best efforts towards your resistance training.

With this being said, there may still be instances where you may want to switch things up by performing your secondary exercise FIRST. By doing this, you can add an element of intensity to your primary exercise. So, for example performing your strength training after a cardio workout will make the strength training session more intense and challenging. However, a Word of Caution if you decide to occasionally train this way – remember that since you will be pre-fatiguing your muscles by performing the secondary exercise first, you may not be able to push as hard with your primary exercise, so be careful and don’t be afraid to cut-back on the intensity of your primary exercise in that particular workout.

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The Climb

I love song lyrics, and these seem particularly pertinent to the essence of this blog. Here’s a portion of the lyrics from “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.
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