LEC Fitness at Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex

Hello all you female athletes and supporters! I hope that you’ve all had a great Summer of sports and competition. The cooler Fall weather is upon us, and with it many of you may be moving your activities indoors. Whether you are or not, one thing is for certain, you need to continue to train so that you are prepared to perform at your best, and to help avoid injury.

Here is a link to a blog from my sister blog announcing my new arrangement to provide training services and programs at the Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex clinic: LEC Fitness at Inova Physical Therapy and Sportsplex

Training at this site provides another training option that is not crowded as traditional gyms can be, has no membership fees, and will allow you and I to focus on your specific goals and needs with little to no interference.

Interested in learning more or in making any appointment? Contact me directly. I hope to see you there!



The “Secret” to Weight Loss

One of the big secrets to weight loss is that there are few, if any, real secrets! Take in fewer calories than you use; move your body (read: appropriate aerobic exercise which not only helps you to burn calories, but also helps your heart, and safe resistance training which helps you increase your lean, calorie-burning tissue). For most people, if they follow these ‘common-sense’ SECRETS, and do it consistently (not on a “crash-diet” basis) this will bode them well. There’s your secret, now go out and tell everybody!

Yours in health.