Shoulder Injuries for Swimmers

In a recently published article, a researcher reported that swimmers can suffer an injury known as “swimmer’s shoulder.” The researcher notes that the cause of this injury is quite often overuse. See the link attached to my blog for the full article.

Link to Article:

Overuse injuries are preventable or at least can be reduced by smart training. Training to help reduce your risk of shoulder issues is SMART, and is a subject that I’ve addressed in my article “Shoulders, Core and Legs: The Three Keys to Great Throwing, Striking and Racquet Sports Performance for Female Athletes” for an online educational publication for fitness professionals. I also address this issue in my Kindle eBook “You Throw Girl: A Guide to Stronger Shoulders and Core for Female Athletes.”

I’m a big proponent of PREVENTION rather than CURE! One very important message to swimmers that comes out of this article is that you should supplement your swim training with WEIGHT (or resistance) training! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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