Get Off That Training Plateau!


So your on-court performance and your conditioning have seemed to have hit a plateau.  You practice, your workout with weights, you run for cardio, and you try to watch what you eat.  You’ve been following this routine for weeks, months, or maybe even years, yet something’s missing.  How do you know whether you’re making the kind of progress you expect, and need to improve your athletic performance?  How do you make sure that you’re on track and remain there?

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Prepare, prepare, prepare!

The old adage of “you play the sport to get in shape” has been replaced with “you get in shape to play the sport.”

To all you female athletes out there – make sure that you make the time to properly train and conditioning BEFORE you start competing. It will pay-off in better performance on the field, and in reducing the risk of injury!

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Hi everyone. My Continuing Education Course on Deceleration Training for Female Athletes was just published – GREAT! Soon I will work on my next. In the meantime, any of you female athletes out there who would like a free copy of my article on Strengthening your Shoulders, please send me an email ( and I’d be glad to send you a copy. Yours in health.